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Specialized in German as a foreign language

We can now look back on more than 40 years of experience.

Intensive courses

With our intensive course program, which has been updated since 1992, we address everyone who wants to acquire comprehensive and reliable knowledge of the German language for training, study and work in a short period of time. All skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing) are taught equally. We regularly give 30 lessons per week. The individual stages follow one another so that you can reach the desired level without wasting time. To get you started on the right course, we offer free language advice with a placement test if required.

Despite Corona

Our language courses take place: as face-to-face courses, as hybrid courses, as online courses

International education center

For groups (school classes; cultural travelers; exchange students, etc.) who want to expand their knowledge of German, we design individual courses for which you can set the main focus yourself (e.g. regional studies, grammar, reading, conversation, etc.). Contact us and tell us your ideas.

Intensive course program

German intensive courses

Intensive course program


Our German intensive courses are designed for all those who wants to acquire comprehensive and reliable knowledge of the German language for study, training and work in a short period of time.

A1: 5-6 weeks

“Hello. My name is …”

In conversations, you can ask and answer simple questions about the person. You can talk about very familiar everyday topics and make corresponding statements.

A2.1: 4-5 weeks
A2.2: 4-5 weeks

“Excuse me, how do I get to the tourist office, please?”

They can cope with important standard social situations, for example asking for directions or asking for advice in a shop.

B1.1: 4-5 weeks
B1.2: 4-5 weeks

“Excuse me, could you help me, please?”

You can take an active part in conversations and also master those unexpected everyday situations that are more complicated and more conflictual.

B2.1: 4-5 weeks
B2.2: 4-5 weeks

“You might be right, but you should take into account that …”

You do not find it difficult to take part in a discussion, to put forward and justify your arguments, but also to respond to the opinions of others.

C1.1: 4-6 weeks
C1.2: 4-6 weeks

“I am pleased to be invited to speak at this congress …”

You can talk fluently, even about specialist issues, and express yourself with skill and confidence.

TestDaF preparation course (C1): 4-6 weeks

“What conclusions do you draw from the graphic at hand?”

This course prepares you for the TestDaF in terms of content and exam technology. The curriculum is determined by the requirements of the examination (reading and listening comprehension; oral and written expression).


Competence, individuality, community, certification


Pedagogical competence

Our teachers have a solid philological education and many years of teaching practice in German as a foreign language. We teach in groups of 5 to 15 people with an almost homogeneous level of knowledge (placement test).

The focus is on the student. Our teaching and learning concept is characterised by personal counselling and the direct daily application of what has been learned in the living community of our international study house.


Our curricula are based on the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (GER). After each level, a final test gives you the opportunity to check your level of competence. After each passed exam you will receive a certificate as proof of study.

Quality recognition

The Kreuzberg Sprachinstitut is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and licensed as a TestDaF test center.

Courses | Dates | Info

Everything you need to register

Courses | Dates | Info

German Language Course INTENSIV
Lessons in this course take place from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 13:15. Each day you will complete six teaching units (1 unit = 45 min.). You can reach each level A1, A2 and B1 within seven weeks. Courses leading to levels B2 and C1 each last nine weeks.
The course is particularly suitable for you if you have enough time for intensive daily learning and want to reach your learning goal quickly.​

German Language Course
Do you have less time to study, but still want to quickly acquire a thorough knowledge of German? Our afternoon course offers the best conditions for this. The lessons take place from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 18:15. You will complete four units of instruction per day. Within nine weeks you can reach each level A1, A2 or B1. Courses leading to levels B2 and C1 last eleven weeks each.​

At the end of a course, you will take a competency test free of charge.

You can also join any course during the course. Please contact us.

You can find more information on the pages “ Study House ”, “ FAQ ” and “ Prices ”.

If you have any questions, write to us or give us a call. You can find all contact details here .


Courses 2024
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Courses 2023-2 (second semester)
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Previous knowledge
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Monday to Friday = 30 hours / week


Prices from 01/01/2022
Prices from 01/01/2023

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Course costs

Our courses are intensive courses with usually 6 lessons with a teacher every day (Monday to Friday = 30 hours/week).
Internal exams and placement tests are free of charge. The cost of textbooks is not included in the price.

Accommodation in study house for language course participants
offers full board incl. Laundry. Free WiFi, a computer room, a TV room, cafeteria, sports facilities and a spacious park are available.
Participation in a language course is not dependent on accommodation in the study house.

Visa application

When registering from a foreign country that requires a visa, the confirmation of registration required to apply for a visa will only be issued after the course and accommodation fees for at least 2 courses have been paid in advance.

Standardized Exam Fees

The examination fee for the TestDaF is currently € 195.00 and is to be paid directly to the TestDaF Institute in Bochum ( ) when registering online.

(Subject to change)


Frequently Asked Questions
What do you mean by “German intensive course”?

“Intensive” means: we regularly give 30 hours of lessons per week (apart from weeks with public holidays). All skills (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral and written expression, but of course also grammar, spelling and pronunciation) are taught. The courses are directly linked to one another so that you can acquire the necessary knowledge of German in a short time.

For whom are the intensive courses recommended?

For everyone who wants to learn German in a relatively short period of time. For everyone who needs a solid knowledge of German for training, studying and working.

What levels do you teach?

The Kreuzberg Sprachinstitut is based on the levels of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER)”. We give intensive courses at the following levels:

A1, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, C1.1, C1.2. We also offer special preparation courses for the TestDaF. The current course offers can be found here .

How can I register for a course?
Please fill out our online registration form. You will then receive a response from us. The contract is only concluded once the course fee has been paid. The information on our website or on our flyer are planning data. We will inform you in time if a course does not take place.
How long does each course level last?

Each course level last about 4 to 6 weeks, so they usually include around 120 to 180 teaching hours.

When do I have to pay the course fees?

The course fees must be in our account by the first day of the course at the latest. In exceptional cases, cash payment is also possible (on the first day of the course). Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards (payment by invoice can be agreed with organizations).

How many price categories are there for the intensive courses?

Only two: a normal price and a special price for all participants who are younger than 27 years. Payment is always made for a complete week, i.e. you have to pay for public holidays as well, but of course you do not have to pay for lessons missed by us. You can find out our current prices here . Internal exams and placement tests are free of charge. The examination fees for the TestDaF are to be paid separately.

Can I only take part in a course for a few days?

Exceptionally only. Normally the minimum duration of our intensive courses is 4 weeks.

Can I take part in a free trial class for one day?

Yes, but only after prior consultation with the language institute management or the teacher. (On certain days, e.g. when exams are being held, free trial participation is not possible.)

I have registered for an intensive course, paid the course fees, and now I cannot take part.

In this case we will reimburse the course fees minus a cancellation fee. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

I would like to attend a language course in your language institute. What do I have to do to get a visa for Germany from non-EU countries?
  • Contact the diplomatic mission of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country in time. There you will find detailed information about which documents you have to submit.
  • Kreuzberg-Bonn eV issues the “registration confirmation of the language school”, which is usually required by the visa office, after the course and, if applicable, accommodation fees have been paid in advance for at least eight weeks and you have registered with our registration form.

Do you have more questions?

You can find the contact details here .

Your title


I have registered for a course and have already paid course and accommodation fees. What do I do if my visa application is rejected?

In this case, we will reimburse 100% of the fees you have paid after you have sent us the notification of rejection.

I've already learned a little German and don't know which course to join.

The best thing to do is to fill out our “ Previous Knowledge ” questionnaire and email it to us. In particular, information about standardized exams you have completed (e.g. TestDaF; Goethe exams; telc etc.) or the GER level you have achieved can be helpful for the classification. Alternatively, you can also tell us the number of lessons you have already completed or tell us which chapter / topic you got to when working on a standard DaF textbook in another language course. If you are still unsure, the Kreuzberg Sprachinstitut offers you a short (free of charge) placement test on the first day of the course.

When do the lessons take place?

Our intensive courses take place every day. Classes are daily either in the morning (8:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.) or in the afternoon (1:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.).

Can I switch to a higher or lower course?

Yes. Since the prices in the Kreuzberg Sprachinstitut are the same for all courses, you can always switch to another level that is currently running if there are still places available.

How many participants do the courses have?

Our courses have (in almost all cases) a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 participants.

How many teachers teach in a course?

The course levels usually have two teachers who teach on different days of the week. If a teacher is absent, the lessons are given by a substitute.

What exams are available at Kreuzberg Sprachinstitut?

Each course level concludes with an internal examination. The Kreuzberg Sprachinstitut also conducts the TestDaF. More about it here .

Will I also receive a certificate or diploma at the end of the courses attended?

If you have attended a course regularly and passed the exam at the end, you will receive a certificate indicating the respective CEFR level, the individual results of the exam parts and an overall result. If you do not pass the exam or do not participate at all, you will receive a certificate of participation in the course.

Can I live with you during the course and how much does it cost?

In our study house there are one-bed rooms and two-bed rooms available for course participants. Please book early as the rooms are in high demand. In the months of July and August in particular, we are almost always fully booked because of our summer courses.

The accommodation costs can be found in the ” Prices ” section.

We are a group of at least 5 people and we want to have our own course. Is that possible with you?

Yes. Contact us. We can organize such a course for you with sufficient lead time. The content of the lesson (e.g. conversation only) and scope, the time of the lesson (e.g. in the evening) and prices will then be negotiated with you individually.

How can I see that you are meeting the standards you have promised?
  • The Kreuzberg Sprachinstitut is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard. I. E. that our company’s management system and compliance with the associated standards are regularly checked by an external certifier.
  • Kreuzberg-Bonn eV is state-approved in accordance with the Further Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (WbG) and is regularly audited by the Cologne District Government.
  • Kreuzberg-Bonn eV is a member of the Fachverband Deutsch als Fremdsprache (FaDaF) eV and has committed itself to complying with its quality criteria (see .
  • Kreuzberg-Bonn eV is licensed as a TestDaF test center. The carrying out of the TestDaF is assessed at intervals during previously unannounced visits by representatives of the TestDaF Institute in Bochum.

TestDaF program

Trained intensively and under authentic conditions

Our TestDaF program

The TestDaf – standardized “Test of German as a Foreign Language” – certifies your linguistic competence for all colleges / universities in Germany.

You can find more information here:

There you will also find the dates and the test centers. –
By the way: The Sprachinstitut Kreuzberg-Bonn is a TestDaF test center.

The TestDaF preparation

Our language institute offers a 4-week TestDaF preparation course in which the exam format is trained intensively and under authentic conditions. To participate, we recommend that you have completed at least 800 teaching hours (at least up to C1.1 GER).

For questions about the exams and the preparation course, contact us.

Living in the study house

Study together in an international community

Living in our study house

We offer accommodation in our international study house for the participants in our courses. Single and two-bed rooms with full board (including laundry) are available here. Internet (WLAN) is available in the entire house.

The use of the seminar and TV room, cafeteria, sports facility and barbecue hut as well as our extensive park area is included in the price.

Due to the good transport connections of the study house there is always the possibility to take part in the rich cultural life of the city of Bonn (concerts, theater, opera, cinemas and numerous museums).


Kreuzberg and its surroundings

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The region

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